Spectres is a concert series dedicated to new acousmatic music.

Enveloped in near darkness, the composers and artists invited to Spectres perform their music
on multiple speakers placed throughout the venue, projecting their work into the space.

For each installment of the series, we curate unique and diverse locations,
chosen for their musically stimulating acoustics.
During their performance, the artists accentuate the rooms' inherent acoustic properties.
In using the room as an instrument, their spatial interpretation of their pieces
unfolds an integral part of the musical experience.

Our goal with Spectres is to enable artists to perform their acousmatic pieces
in interesting, unusual settings, where freed from institutional bounds, their music can

Spectres is an ongoing project curated by Axel Kolb and Merlin Modulaw

Composers and artists that have been a part of past installments of Spectres:

Alban Schelbert
Caterina De Nicola
Jamira Estrada
Li Tavor
Manolo M├╝ller
Martina Buzzi
Noria Lilt
Pascal Lund-Jensen
Robin Siedl
Simeon Sigg